Hormone Health Educator

ZRT Laboratory is a CLIA certified laboratory committed to giving health care providers a complete look at their patient’s health through accurate, convenient and innovative lab testing to allow for optimal clinical outcomes. ZRT has a history of innovation and excellence, with over 20 years of experience and results from over 10 million tests. ZRT is based in Beaverton, Oregon but we have health care providers in all 50 states and 100 countries, and research teams worldwide, use our testing, including the CDC, NIH, and many renowned universities.


We are looking to add a new position to our leadership team, Hormone Health Educator.  The Hormone Health Educator will report directly to the CEO/Founder.  The primary purpose of this position is intended to directly and indirectly support and grow professional clients through the process of developing and executing various educational initiatives that enhance the audience’s probable use of hormone testing in a clinical or healthcare practice environment.

The primary duties include working directly with the CEO/Founder to develop educational content for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to writing blogs, preparing and delivering presentations, conducting and presenting research, traveling to conferences/tradeshows, speaking at various gatherings, as well as working on many other scientific/clinical/educational projects.

The Hormone Health Educator will work both independently and in collaboration with others in various departments such as research, marketing, lab, clinical consultants, sales and project management.


This position requires someone who is personable, self-motivated, organized and knowledgeable in the area of hormones and health care. They must have a passion for writing and explaining in lectures how the company is improving health care through innovative lab testing.  They must have the ability to identify key educational topics, trends and needs in the various sectors that the company serves. This person must be an effective and efficient communicator in all formats and have the proven ability to work collaboratively with all other internal and external customers

This position is required and expected to interact fluidly with pharmacists, medical doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and many other healthcare professionals who incorporate hormone testing into their practice.  As a result, an active license in one of these fields is expected to be maintained. (Nurse Practitioner preferred)

Preferably, this person will demonstrate a passion and energy for assisting our customers and audience which they are able to demonstrate through speaking and writing.


If this sounds like the right fit, we want to talk to you!  Please send us a cover letter, resume and writing samples to humanresources@zrtlab.com.  We promote a healthy and diverse work environment.