Research: The "R" in ZRT


Research is the heart of everything at ZRT Laboratory. Our founder, Dr. David Zava, is a researcher first and foremost, and we are fully committed to advancing health and wellness through research excellence. We are extensively engaged in collaborative clinical research with investigators around the world. Areas of special interest include breast cancer, endocrinology, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. With mutual goals in mind, we offer the use of our testing facility and the clinical expertise of our staff to support the design and execution of research projects.

ZRT testing methods expand the scope of endocrinological studies to previously unreachable subjects and study sites. Simplified methods of sample collection also provide viable options for carrying out large-scale research and clinical studies. ZRT Laboratory has applied an innovative approach to medical research in a number of key areas including hormonal imbalances and quality of life; cardiovascular disease and breast cancer; vitamin D deficiency; reproductive endocrinology; botanical and herbal medicines; diabetes, and osteoporosis.

The Research Department is located at ZRT’s headquarters in Beaverton, OR and closely collaborates with the clinical laboratory which is equipped with state of the art technologies. Our research samples utilize multi-well plate readers, robotic handling of samples, incubators and freezers, preparative and ultracentrifuges, automated plate washers, and computerized blood spot punchers as well as our state of the art hormone assays.

We currently have active collaborations with several clinical and research investigators worldwide.