Our Founder, Dr. David Zava

Dr. David Zava is the Founder, CEO, and Chief Scientist of ZRT LaboratoryDr. David Zava, a biochemist by trade and a teacher at heart, is animated when he talks about his work. He didn’t start out trying to build a company — as a researcher, he wanted to provide health care practitioners and patients with a deeper understanding of the role hormones play in wellness.

The more he studied, the more test results he reviewed, and the more patient stories he heard, the more he knew he needed to channel his knowledge into something that enables people to be actively involved in their own health.

To this day, he’s continually searching to understand more fully how the world around us impacts our wellbeing, and how our lifestyle choices, environment and genetics impact the delicate balance of our hormones.

His hands-on approach trickles down through ZRT Laboratory, so much so that the company is renowned for the way it supports people and their health on such a personal level.

“There is no other reason to keep doing the work unless we find out a way to make the world a better place.”

ZRT Laboratory embodies Dr. Zava’s vision, and is recognized the world over as a team devoted to providing the most accurate results with the most educated insight into their meaning.


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