Since 1998, ZRT has tested the hormones of 1.25 million women around the world.

Menopause is not a single point in time when hormone production is switched off, but a gradual decline that brings an end to female fertility. During menopause, a woman’s levels of estrogen and progesterone diminish – leading to a lack of menstrual periods.

A woman is considered to be in menopause when she’s had no menstrual cycles for 12 months.

The right balance of hormones is vital to a woman’s health. But in menopause, when levels are dropping, a deficiency of one hormone can trigger a relative excess of another and result in common imbalances such as:

Estrogen Dominance or Low Progesterone

Results in mood swings, migraines, fat gain in hips and thighs

Low Estrogen or Fluctuations of Estrogen

Triggers hot flashes, night sweats, palpitations, foggy thinking, memory lapse & vaginal dryness

Low Testosterone or DHEA

Leads to decreases in bone or muscle mass, metabolism, energy, strength, stamina, exercise tolerance & libido

High Cortisol

Results in insomnia, anxiety, sugar cravings, feeling tired but wired & increased belly fat

Low Cortisol

Causes chronic fatigue, low energy, food and sugar cravings, poor exercise tolerance or recovery & low immune reserves

Neurotransmitter Imbalance

Changes in estrogen and progesterone levels can impact neurotransmitter levels. For instance, a drop in estrogen can result in a drop in serotonin.

Thyroid Imbalance

Changes in estrogen levels can lead to thyroid symptoms like slowed metabolism and always feeling cold. In fact, many women experiencing menopause will be diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

Low Vitamin D

Sufficient levels of Vitamin D, estrogen and testosterone are important for maintaining bone health in the menopause years.

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Menopause Testing Options

To restore the vital balance of hormones, we first need a detailed, accurate measurement of hormone levels. Not just numbers, but an assessment that offers real meaning.

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ZRT Laboratory Saliva Hormone Test Kit

Saliva Test Kit Includes:

Saliva Profile I – E2, Pg, T, DS & Cx1

Saliva Profile II – E2, Pg, T, DS & Cx2

Saliva Profile III – E2, Pg, T, DS & Cx4 (Sample Report)

Hormone Trio – E2, Pg & T

LCMS Saliva Steroid Profile – E2, E3, E1, EE, PregS, Pg, AlloP, 17OHPg, Adione, T, DHT, D, DS, 7keto, 11DC, C, Cn, Ccn, Ald, Mel, ANZ, FIN & LTZ (Sample Report)


ZRT Laboratory Saliva + Blood Hormone Test Kit

Saliva + Blood Spot Test Kit Includes:

Female Comprehensive Profile I – E2, Pg, T, DS & Cx4 (saliva); TSH, fT3, fT4 & TPOab (blood spot) (Sample Report)

Female Comprehensive Profile II – Cx4 (saliva); E2, Pg, T, SHBG, DS, TSH, fT3, fT4 & TPOab (blood spot) (Sample Report)


ZRT Laboratory Blood Spot Hormone Test Kit

Blood Spot Test Kit Includes:

Female Blood Profile I – E2, Pg, T, DS, C & SHBG

Female Blood Profile II – E2, Pg, T, DS, C, SHBG, TSH, fT3, fT4 & TPOab (Sample Report)

Essential Thyroid Profile – fT3, fT4, TPOab & TSH 

Elite Thyroid Profile T4, Tgbn, fT4, fT3, TPO & TSH

Vitamin D Profile – 25-OH D2, 25-OH D3, Total

Hormone Trio – E2, Pg & T


ZRT Laboratory Serum Kit

Serum Test Kit Includes:

Female Serum Hormones - Basic: E2, Pg, T, DS, C, SHBG & TSH 

Male Serum Hormones - Basic:  E2, T, DS, C, SHBG, PSA & TSH

Female Serum Hormones - Advanced: E2, Pg, T, DS, C, SHBG, TSH, fT3, fT4, TPOab, FSH, LH & FER (Sample Report)

Male Serum Hormones - Advanced: E2, T, DS, C, SHBG, PSA, TSH, fT3, fT4, TPOab, LH, PRL & FER

Methylation: FER, FOL, HCY & B12

Methylation and Memory - Basic: E2, Pg, T, SHBG, TSH, FOL, B12, HCY

Methylation and Memory - Advanced: E2, Pg, T, DS, C, SHBG, TSH, fT3, fT4, TPOab, FER, FOL, B12, HCY


ZRT Laboratory Urine Metabolites Kit

Urine Metabolites Test Kit Includes:

Estrogen Essential Profile – A baseline view of how a patient is metabolizing estrogens. 12 tests.

Estrogen Elite Profile – Estrogen, progesterone and select androgen metabolites with BPA. 20 tests.

Advanced Metabolites Profile – Our broadest view of sex steroid hormone metabolite levels and cortisol metabolism with full diurnal melatonin and BPA. 44 tests. (Sample Report)

View Metabolites Tests Included in Each Profile


ZRT Laboratory Neurotransmitters Kit

Neurotransmitters Test Kit Includes:

NeuroAdvanced Profile – GABA, Glu, Gly, DA, Epi, NE, HIST, 5-HT, PEA, DOPAC, HVA, 5-HIAA, NMN, VMA & Crtn (Sample Report)

Saliva Hormones add-on – E2, Pg, T, DS & C

Urine Hormones add-on – E2, Pregnanediol, Allopregnanolone, Androstenedione, T, Epi-T, DHT, DHEA, & 5α,3α-Androstanediol

Diurnal Cortisol add-on – Free Cortisol x 4 & Free Cortisone x 4

Diurnal Cortisol & Melatonin add-on – Free Cortisol x 4, Free Cortisone x 4 & Melatonin (MT6s) x 4

Diurnal Cortisol, Norepinephrine & Epinephrine add-on – Free Cortisol x 4, Free Cortisone x 4, NE x 4 & Epi x 4

Diurnal Cortisol, Melatonin, Norepinephrine & Epinephrine add-on – Free Cortisol x 4, Free Cortisone x 4, Melatonin (MT6s) x 4, NE x 4 & Epi x 4

Urine Toxic & Essential Elements add-on – I, Se, Br, Li, As, Cd & Hg


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