Clinical Utility of Neurotransmitter Testing

Presenters: David Zava, PhD Kate Placzek, PhD

Dr. Zava, ZRT Founder Chief Scientist, and Dr. Placzek, ZRT Senior Research Scientist, discuss the clinical utility of urinary neurotransmitter testing in the context of addressing and managing neurochemical imbalances pertaining to mood disorders.

In this webinar, Dr. Zava and Dr. Placzek cover the following topics:

  • Introduce neurotransmitter testing as a complementary addition to hormone testing - outlining its use in providing more information regarding a patient’s individual biochemical heterogeneity
  • Discuss the etiology of mood disorders, and illustrate how excessive or deficient levels of certain neurotransmitters in both the brain and in the periphery are associated with a spectrum of neurobiological disorders
  • Explain how neurotransmitter testing can help achieve a diagnostic edge over traditional psychological inventory when addressing poor brain health
  • Rationalize the dried urine approach as a simple, convenient, and effective collection method to assess neurotransmitter levels
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