Pros & Cons of Testing Steroid Hormones in Saliva

Presenters: David Zava, PhD

Saliva is an ideal body fluid to measure steroid hormones because it is easy to collect, and the steroids in saliva are representative of the bioavailable fraction of the hormone - which represents about 1-3% of the hormone in the bloodstream. 

Over the past 40 years, the biggest challenge has been in the accurate measurement of active steroids. 

In the webinar Dr. Zava will: 

  • Review the technical assay challenges and provide some history of assay development from RIA to LC-MS/MS
  • Review levels of steroid hormones expected in saliva with endogenous hormone production in men and in women during different phases of the menstrual cycle and during pregnancy 
  • Review what is known about salivary hormone levels following exogenous hormone delivery as it relates to dosing, delivery, and timing
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