Pros and Cons of Testing Sex-Steroid Hormones in Saliva, DBS, Urine, and Serum Following Different Routes of Hormone Administration

Presenter:  David T. Zava, PhD

In addition to reviewing the pros and cons of using different body fluids for testing sex-steroid hormones, Dr. Zava discusses why all body fluids can be used to monitor steroid hormones produced endogenously, and the fact that only some can be used to monitor endogenously delivered hormones. Other objectives of this presentation are to:

  • Explain and provide scientific evidence for why topically delivered steroids are more accurately measured with capillary blood (DBS) and saliva than with serum or urine.
  • Discuss the unusual biochemistry/physiology/pharmacokinetics behind topically delivered steroids and their selective distribution to saliva and DBS, but not serum or urine.
  • Address the World Anti-Doping Agency discovery that confirms unusual topical testosterone distribution to saliva and DBS, but not serum or urine, the latter typically used to monitor steroid doping.

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