Where do I start…Where do I start…I don't think my hormones have ever been right. I was diagnosed at the age of 16 with Neurally Mediated Syncope, an autonomic disorder resulting with lightheadedness, nausea and loss of consciousness. I had awful PMS or PMDD in my 20's along with uncontrollable yeast infections that would not go away with prescription meds. I went to an infectious disease doctor to make sure it wasn't something else and that was no help. I went on disability giving up my hair styling business and 15 year clientele. I experienced uncontrollable sobbing, 18-24 hour sleep sessions, rages, anxiety, depression, and terrible pain in my back, neck, face, shoulders and arms. My thyroid went to less than .01 TSH and the Endocrinologist wanted to radiate my thyroid, but I didn't allow it. I knew a local compounding pharmacy that worked with hormones, so I approached them and they gave me a saliva test kit. I sent my test to ZRT and once complete, they called the pharmacy and evidently said, “find this woman NOW”. My estrogen was at 0, not low, zero. My progesterone, morning, noon and night cortisol were also at 0, and I had little DHEA & Testosterone. Now, after a couple years of hormone therapy, I don't pass out anymore, yeast infections are gone, I'm back to work running my own hairstyling business and I thought I'd NEVER do hair again. My diagnosed central sleep apnea, which supposedly doesn't go away, has gone away, and my TSH is now normal and I'm off synthroid. The pharmacy said in the 12-15 years they've been working with hormones, mine were the lowest they've ever seen. Had I not figured it out, it would have been a short time before I had a stroke, heart attack, or went into a coma I wouldn't have come out of. I still rest quite a bit, and I'm obviously in early menopause. I'll probably take opiate pain medications for the rest of my life, but I have a life and I have my work back. My husband is a wonderful, patient, caring man and my family is thankful to have me back. I was SO sick and I'm SO thankful. Thank you for the work you do." - Kim, Age 43
I am a 62 year old femaleI am a 62 year old female, diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer in 1992. I had a masectomy, 9 months of chemotherapy and 4.5 years of tamoxifen for ER+ cancer. 10 years later, I had a reoccurence in the spine for which I received radiation and Femara. Femara failed after a couple of years (high CA27.29 markers indicator). Then I switched to Faslodex injections which also failed after a couple of years. I began using natural progesterone and testing with ZRT Laboratory around 2005. Although I had another reoccurence in the spine in 2010, ZRT testing has helped to make adjustments in progesterone dosages and I find that I have had much a longer period of successful opposition to Estrogen dominance while using the natural progesterone. Testing of iodine and cortisol levels have also been an important aspect of my protocol. Can't say enough about the folks at ZRT and the information their testing provides in monitoring hormone levels in particular."- Karen, Age 62
After teaching for 22 yearsAfter teaching for 22 years, I had to take a total disability. I was very ill with fibromyalgia, including chronic neck, back, jaw, and shoulder pain. I also had daily headaches, low energy, brain fog, and anxiety. I was told by many doctors, that "I would have to learn to live with it." Today, and for the past 11 years, I have been well and off medications. The main way I have become symptom-free is by balancing my hormones. I retrained as a certified nutritional consultant and have been trying very hard to help other women with chronic health problems in the natural pharmacy where I work. I have seen first-hand the plethora of symptoms that can be a part of imbalance in myself and my clients. So many women I talk to are just getting through the day and too many don't know that correcting imbalances can defy chronic illness. I use ZRT testing for myself and my clients. I trust this lab and have seen great benefits.- Patricia, Age 62
We have used ZRT Laboratory for many yearsWe have used ZRT Laboratory for many years. As a compounding pharmacy, our customers rely on us to create individualized hormones that successfully work for them. We are thankful to the staff and providers at ZRT Laboratory, as they have helped us become the success we are today by building relationships with patients and their physicians. We are grateful for each and every one of you who have created a way for our men and women to get their life back! Without the ZRT Laboratory Clinical Consultants, this would not be possible!"- Mel, Patient Services Coordinator
I had put on 30 poundsI had put on 30 pounds, was constantly fatigued, had foggy thinking, headaches, depression, anxiety, my periods stopped, and I was swelling from water weight. I was barely functioning. I went to my family doctor who said all my tests were normal, a little on the low side but normal. I knew there was no way that what I was going through was normal. I then found Dr. Shames in Marin County, CA who had me order ZRT Laboratory's Comprehensive Female Profile I. The tests were really easy to take and the results were easy to understand. I had low progesterone, thyroid and vitamin D, and erratic cortisol levels. Dr. Shames slowly worked thyroid medication, adrenal supplements, progesterone, Omega 3-6-9, vitamin D and DHEA into my system. Additionally, I removed gluten, eggs and dairy from my diet. Over the last year, I have lost 25 pounds, can exercise on a regular basis and have energy. Best of all, I am happy for the first time in years! I don't have any of the painful symptoms I previously endured. Dr Shames, Xymogen Vitamins, and ZRT Laboratory saved my life."- Anonymous, age 29
I suffered from menstrual migrainesI suffered from menstrual migraines since the month after my second child was born. I searched for over 10 years to find a treatment that would give me a quality of life. I would be incompacitated for 3-5 days a month with migraines! That does not work well with two toddlers and a busy life as a nurse. My biggest problem was getting my Docs and NP's to think outside the "box". Conventional treatment did not help AT ALL! I met your ZRT provider at Pharmacy Innovations and immediately took a saliva test. I'll never forget that day as long as I live-Halloween 2008. I needed to be at school to run the Halloween party for my 3rd grader and a migraine hit! I called Pharmacy Innovations and asked if they had received my saliva results-I was in pain! Fred told me I could take a bath in progesterone, my level was that low. He advised me on dosing at 10am and by 1pm that day I could actually function! I continued with treatment for the next year with amazing results-so much so that I begged for a job couseling women with hormone imbalances at Pharmacy Innovations. I have been MIGRAINE FREE for over one year!!!! Thanks ZRT!"- Lisa, age 46
ZRT and saliva testing literally saved my life!ZRT and saliva testing literally saved my life! I have spent the last three years of my life going from a gynecologist to an oncologist, from an endocrinologist to an infectious disease doctor, begging for help. I kept telling all of them that my hormones were out of balance. They all said the same thing: you are too young, you are on birth control, you have plenty of estrogen. Well... knew better. I had terrible hot flashes (despite the birth control pills). I could not sleep, suffered from anxiety attacks and uncontrollable rage, felt like my mind was in a fog. I had poor cognitive function and was unable to concentrate. I even had a hard time carrying on a conversation. I could not pronounce my words correctly and had burning sensations in my head. I could not take it anymore. No one would help me. Then my primary care doctor ordered saliva testing. I did not believe in “holistic" medicine. (That is what I thought saliva testing was.) Lucky for me my doctor went outside of the "box". The results spoke for themselves. Thanks to ZRT I feel better than I ever have. I truly believe that everyone should test their hormones using saliva testing. I have always felt like I had a hormone imbalance. As far as I am concerned, this is the best test out there. I am constantly recommending it to all of my friends. All I know is that it saved my life. Thank you ZRT for giving me my life back!"- Melissa, age 39
Dr. McAllister worked with me in getting the progesterone I neededDr. McAllister worked with me in getting the progesterone I needed during my pregnancy. Once my script was filled and I started using the progesterone, all indicators of a miscarriage were gone. It's truly amazing how much the progesterone helped! The crazy thing is that the midwife I was previously seeing ordered her own progesterone test for me. She advised that my levels were normal but wouldn't give me the numbers (I didn't tell her I had just received the progesterone script). I ended up switching hospitals completely and the doctor who delivered my daughter was fantastic...just wish I had switched to him sooner. Our baby girl, Cailey Grace, was born January 2, 2010 and weighed 6 lbs, 2 oz and 19 inches long. The nurse who took care of her right after delivery, said you couldn't find a healthier and perfect baby. This was an answer to our prayers! I realize you were doing your job, but I want you to know how much we appreciate all you did to help during a very difficult and discouraging time. I truly feel, without the progesterone, I would've either lost Cailey or she would've been born prematurely. Thank you just doesn't seem enough." - Kristy, age 35
I was running on emptyI was running on empty, but didn’t know why; I guess I figured that’s what getting old feels like. I say that, but at the same time I wasn’t ready to accept it - not with six-year-old twins running around! Then my eldest daughter, a health educator who’s usually up on the latest health trends, stopped by. I was half-way through my tale of woe, when she said something about male hormones… my ears really pricked up. That was the first day of my second lease on life. First thing I did was get my hormones tested with ZRT, and even though I’m getting along in years, my numbers were lower than need be. Now I take multivitamins and natural hormone supplements and Doc usually checks my hormone levels a couple times a year to make sure the dosage is still right for me. I eat a lot more fruits and vegetables than I used to, and found a personal trainer to help me with weight bearing workouts that build up testosterone levels naturally. I feel like a million bucks. In one week last month, I won the local poker tournament, and took the twins to Disneyland. It doesn’t get any better than that. Not at my age! "- Thomas, age 72
I am a 61 year old maleI am a 61 year old male with adrenal insufficiency and no thyroid. My energy had been drastically diminishing in the afternoon for years, reaching a daily point of exhaustion that would overcome me. After taking my symptoms to my Endocrinologist, who I held in high esteem, I received no answers and/or relief. Every AM cortisol blood test showed normal to high levels – so a shortage of the hormone was always dismissed. Not until I had a saliva test done at ZRT did I get confirmation of what I was feeling for a long time. My 4x cortisol level showed production in the am but then a flat line for the noon, evening and night measurements. The new doctor I was seeing explained that I was dipping into my Adrenaline supply. Finally someone had identified what was going on in my body. I began taking Prednisone and then hydrocortisone. I keep my dosage relatively low and also supplement with Progesterone gel which helps with my Estrogen dominance, also identified through my saliva test."- Terence, Age 61