Many women going through menopause start to see changes in their ability to remember things. Women can find this very worrying; such symptoms are not unlike early signs of dementia, or even Alzheimer’s Disease. However, age-related memory impairment is quite common and can be explained in part by hormonal changes, in particular loss of estrogen, and it involves a small part of the brain that…

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Of Seahorses & Menopause

I remember the uncertain winter of my entrance into perimenopause so well. It began in my late 40s, with hot flashes that came on like heat waves every half hour. In the dead of winter, I found myself flinging open windows to let in the freezing air; I soon found out that having hot flashes in winter was nothing like having them in summer, when the added heat and humidity made them feel more like…

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Heat Waves & Hot Flashes in Perimenopause

Celebrities and TV stars like Caitlyn Jenner, Laverne Cox, Jazz Jennings and Chaz Bono have helped take what was once a taboo subject and turned it into part of America’s mainstream conversation. This long-overdue discussion helps foster broader understanding and acceptance, and it also shines a light on a largely underserved area of medical need. Rising Beyond a Difficult Legacy Transgender…

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Practitioners, Transgender Patients are Waiting for You

A Practitioners Guide to Physiologic Bioidentical Hormone Balance is that much needed hands-on guidebook you’ve been needing. In every chapter of this long overdue guide, you're reaping decades of experience from a compounding pharmacist and educator known to many as a ‘walking encyclopedia’ of best practices in the clinical use of BHRT. Watch the Webinar: A Practitioner's Guide to Physiologic…

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Book Review: A Practitioner’s Guide to Physiologic Bioidentical Hormone Balance

The testicles of a man in his 20s are known to contribute about 5-10mg of testosterone per 24-hour day and levels of total testosterone in the venous blood with that amount are observed to yield roughly 300-1200 ng/dL in the morning at the diurnal peak. Testosterone, whether endogenous or given exogenously, negatively feeds back on the hypothalamus, limiting GnRH and thus LH and FSH from the…

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Topical Testosterone & the U-Shaped Curve

Symptoms of hormonal imbalance can often be challenging to assess. Is your patient exhibiting signs of estrogen dominance because her estrogen is too high or is it due to the progesterone being too low? Is his fatigue because he’s not making enough testosterone or that his adrenal glands are working over-time? Are her imbalanced sex steroids the cause of her depression or is it the low thyroid…

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How to Use a Symptom Checklist to Choose a Hormone Test

As scientific researchers, practitioners and patients bear witness to the increasing evidence of hormone dysfunction in today’s society, Dr. Cobi Slater’s Ultimate Hormone Balancing Guidebook couldn’t come at a better time. Her premise throughout this illuminating book is that the real cause behind the plethora of symptoms plaguing modern adults of all ages can be linked to imbalances within the…

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The Ultimate Hormone Balancing Guidebook Review

Over 25 million women a year worldwide will enter menopause and make a decision about hormone replacement therapy. For healthcare practitioners, what dosage and what formulation these hormones take is open to debate. After many years of teaching and talking to practitioners, I’ve learned that: there are many strategies for approaching dosages, everyone thinks that theirs is the best, most of them…

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Navigating the Challenges of Hormone Replacement Therapy Dosing

Many people assume that thyroid hormone deficiency or thyroid imbalance are to blame for weight loss failure, but there are some key factors to consider that might be affecting thyroid hormone function rather than focusing entirely on thyroid hormone levels: For a woman who has recently gone on the Birth Control Pill or HRT (or had her dose increased) it may be interfering with thyroid hormone…

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Q&A for Weight Loss Winners & Dieting Downfalls

I love mysteries. But unlike the advances in forensic science that have caused a sea change in solving murders previously only fathomable by sleuths such as Hercule Poirot, the advances in laboratory testing methods have outpaced the ability of the medical community to unravel the controversial mysteries surrounding absorption of steroid hormones. How did the Mystery Start? This ultimately stems…

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The Strange Case of the Disappearing Hormone

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