Amidst all the hullabaloo about norovirus in the Olympic village, doping in the Russian curling community, and wipeouts of truly epic proportions, the 2018 Games have certainly elevated the entertainment quotient. Norway quietly tops the list for Olympic medals in Pyeongchang this year and as a team, has steadily stepped up their game every 4 years since 2010 which for me raises the question: What…

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Norway, for the win!

With the holidays ahead, it is an important time to take a closer look at the stress response, food and mood. The holidays, for many, can trigger stress and food behaviors that set off a cascade of hormones and neurochemicals. The emotional stress that the holidays can elicit for many people, paired with the excess foods and libations that abound, can set us up for trouble. Understanding the…

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Holiday Health: The Food & Mood Connections

Over the past year there has been a plethora of news stories about lead exposure. From Flint, Michigan to Portland, Oregon, details have emerged about schools, homes, water supplies, and other areas and structures contaminated by lead. It hardly surprises me when these pop up in the news, as lead has been used generously in piping, paint, gasoline, ammunition, and batteries, among many other…

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Lax Demolition Laws Lead to Toxic Neighborhoods. Goodbye Old House, Hello Lead Dust!

Our society is on high bug alert these days. There are those who fear microbes (the germaphobes) and those who swoop in with exciting cutting edge research for why germs are important for our wellbeing. The rest of us fall somewhere in between. Whatever our feelings are, the gut-brain axis – the imaginary line between the brain and the gut – undeniably is one of the new frontiers of neuroscience.…

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Fermented Drinks – A Fun Way to Feed Your Gut Microbiome!

How well I remember the dismaying shock of menopause storming into my life...I was in my late 40s then and had just moved back to the States from England – a culture clash and-a-half. My daughters were still pretty young, 9 and 6 years old, and having a hard time adjusting to new schools on top of coping with an older mom whose hormones were suddenly in full revolt. As I recall, Christmas was fast…

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5 Tips to Being a Balanced Menopausal Mom

Have you seen the movie The Martian?  I highly recommend it. The premise is that an astronaut called Mark Watney goes with a team to Mars, gets left behind and has to survive. I love semi-disaster stories and even better when it's Matt Damon playing the main character. Now, according to the book, Watney had lots of vitamins and mineral supplements to supplement his diet. But if he hadn't had those…

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Metal Elements on a Mineral Mission to Mars

Now that the summertime bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables is in full swing, our clinicians at ZRT Laboratory have whipped up some super-healthy eating options for you from their personal recipes. I'm already hooked on the honey quinoa salad but it's a toss-up between that and the other scrumptious, easy to make dishes our Docs share with you here. I could live on these for the rest of the…

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ZRT Docs Share Their Favorite Healthy Eating Summer Recipes

The first thing a man entering andropause generally notices is a subtle downward shift in strength and energy as hormone levels taper off. Muscle tone and stamina are the first to go and he starts to gain weight and that "spare tire." He may also develop a voracious appetite and food cravings he never had before. As symptoms kick in at mid-life, hormone testing can identify hidden imbalances that…

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Andropause: Real Men Go For Balance

Over the past few months there has been a spike in news stories related to elevated lead levels in U.S. public water systems, beginning with the crisis in Flint, Michigan. This has initiated investigations into current water testing methods and probes into violations that have been swept under the rug. In many cases the public water supply is safe, but there's a hidden concern you need to know…

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Lead Poisoning - Is Your Child at Risk? (Plus 10 Need-to-Know Facts)

How many of your patients use wearable fitness trackers like a FitBit? If recent statistics are any indication, it's probably a lot of them. Consider this: According to research firm eMarketer, approximately 39.5 million U.S. adults used wearable fitness trackers in 2015 – a 57.7% increase over 2014. A survey by Nielsen in 2014 indicated that 61% of those aware of wearable technology for tracking and…

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Wearable Fitness Trackers – 6 Ways to Motivate Patients

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