After an extensive and careful review of test results over the past year, the scientists and clinical consultants at ZRT have concluded that the monoamine metabolites ZRT includes as part of its panel of 14 neurotransmitters are essential for the best and most comprehensive interpretation of test results. We've determined that while looking at a more limited range of seven to nine neurotransmitters…

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Monoamine Metabolites – An Essential Factor In Understanding Neurotransmitters

Practical Takeaway: The liver's ability to properly metabolize estrogens has been found to affect the risk of breast cancer. Depending on which of the metabolic pathways predominate, too much of certain harmful estrogen metabolites (e.g., 4-hydroxy estrogens) can build up - and these have been found to correlate with breast and other hormone-dependent cancers.…

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Why Should We Care About Estrogen Metabolites?

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