Serotonin, or rather its deficiency, frequently steals the spotlight in conversations regarding depression. Initially discovered as a component of serum in 1948 to regulate vasoconstriction (serotonin = serum + tone), the role of serotonin in depressive disorders wasn't implied until a few years later. Since then, much effort has been dedicated by scientists and clinicians alike to understand the…

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The Impact of Hormones on Serotonin in Depression

Practical Takeaway: A recent study found the risk of depression with contraceptive use decreased with increasing age, and was highest in the youngest age group studied, namely teenagers aged 15-19, than in the women aged 20-34. These findings are from a new Danish study suggesting that hormonal contraception might increase risk of depression, and that previous studies may not have highlighted…

Tags: Fertility, Mental Health, Contraceptives, Neurotransmitters, Depression

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Do Hormonal Contraceptives Increase Risk of Depression?

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