Studies have found toxic heavy metals, including lead, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum, mercury and other toxins deemed hazardous by the CDC in a random sampling of lip products used by women of all ages. For millions of women the world over, this casts a pall on the transformative promise of cosmetics to make us look and feel more beautiful.…

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Are Heavy Metals in Lipstick Making Us Sick?

Every year in March, National Nutrition Month focuses our attention on how and what we eat, exhorting us with awareness-raising campaign slogans to "bite into a healthy lifestyle," or as in this year’s theme, to "savor the flavor of eating right." Appealing and important as the messaging is, it does beg the question that what tastes good to us, may not necessarily be good for us. Too many of the…

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National Nutrition Month: Finding our Way Back to True Foods

On March 13th, a number of ZRT employees, together with friends and family, participated in Portland's annual Shamrock Run - the largest walking and running event in Oregon. Our decision to participate in this event was motivated by ZRT's mission to promote wellness. After all, the concept of wellness encompasses both physical and social dimensions. So what better way to spend a fresh, beautiful,…

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Wellness in Practice for a Group of ZRT Employees

Did you know there are 5 places in the world where your odds of living to 100 are greater than anywhere else on the planet? These regions are called "Blue Zones" and include Sardinia (Italy), Okinawa (Japan), Loma Linda (California, Seventh-day Adventists), Nicoya (Costa Rica), and Ikaria (Greece). Based on the research and writings of Dan Buettner, people are studying these communities to try to…

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7 Tips to Making Your Own Blue Zone

From the time menses begins, to the time it ceases, a woman must make decisions that affect her fertility. Whether it's viewed as a gift, a curse or just a responsibility, a woman’s right to choose when, how and if a pregnancy occurs is a relatively new experience. Over the last 50 years a woman's access to birth control methods, whether oral, patch, or IUD, has greatly increased. However, such a…

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New Oregon Law Allows Women to Bypass Physicians for Contraceptives

As we roll into 2016 what is it that YOU hope to change, reinvent, reconsider, move towards or away from in the coming year? New Year’s resolutions are often among the most noble of ideas, centered on self-improvement, education, health, lifestyle and relationships. Yet statistics show that only eight percent of us successfully reach our aspirations. Experts tell us that the more specific the goal,…

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How Hormones are Key to the Top 10 New Year's Resolutions

When was the last time you thought about your personal risk for breast cancer? Even though it’s no longer National Breast Cancer Awareness month, it’s never too late to start thinking about this important topic. Don’t let the disappearance of pink ribbons rob us of the greater message of our hard won awareness: that despite all the money raised and the billions spent, we still have no guaranteed…

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Preventing Breast Cancer: How Hormone Balance Can Help Save Your Life

As part of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to broaden the conversation about breast health, ZRT Lab invited several breast cancer survivors to tell their stories. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September of 1999, I was convinced that my life as I'd known it was never going to be the same. I knew, of course, that many women survive, but I also knew that in spite of…

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Breast Cancer & Natural Hormone Therapy - A Survivor's Story

When a patient says that she wants “natural” hormone therapy, does the term mean the same thing to you as it does to her? Let’s explore that question further by dissecting the terminology most commonly used by patients (and even some experts) when discussing hormone restoration therapy: “natural,” “synthetic” and “bio-identical.”NaturalThe term “natural” cannot be used to describe hormones or…

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Confused About Hormone Therapy Terminology?

As part of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to broaden the conversation about breast health, ZRT Lab invited several breast cancer survivors to tell their stories. It has been years since I heard the words, “You have cancer.” And yet I can remember that day as though it was yesterday. My story really starts in the shower in October of 2011. I can still feel the warm water rinsing off the…

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Channeling My Breast Cancer Experience to Create Change

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