The recent news about a study regarding women who get mastectomies to prevent breast cancer is stunning.  This study finds most women who get double mastectomies don’t need it. They react out of fear. And this has many doctors puzzled. Can we prevent breast cancer occurrence through primary care means? The short answer is yes, we can. We can identify breast cancer risks.…

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Breast Cancer: Fear & Preventative Double Mastectomies An Unnecessary Mix

As January's Thyroid Awareness Month winds down, now is the time to practice all we've learned about the care and feeding of our master of metabolism. In Part I of our last blog post, we zeroed in on the enemies of a healthy thyroid. In Part II, we will help you fend them off to protect the health of your thyroid gland with the following key action steps. Reverse Estrogen Dominance - An imbalance…

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Protect Against Thyroid Imbalance

The average person who can't lose weight - despite eating right and exercising - is generally frustrated and frankly stumped. For many, diet and exercise have always proven effective, and yet now - for some reason - they don't. Sometimes just a little. Sometimes not at all. Those who dig deeper often find that weight problems could be due to a sluggish thyroid. Feeling an inkling of hope, many ask…

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Defeat the Enemies of Healthy Thyroid Function

Weight management is a topic that generates a lot of questions. There are many contributing factors, and if diet and exercise haven't worked for you, there may be underlying causes to consider. Hormone imbalance is one of them, so I've answered 10 of the most frequently asked questions that arise when patients start to think about getting tested. Let's jump in...1. Why do postmenopausal women gain…

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The Hidden Truth About Hormones And Weight Gain: Your Top 10 Questions

During National Breast Cancer Awareness month, we should all take a pause to consider our health. As it turns out, losing weight and balancing hormones may be two of the most important actions we can take to reduce breast cancer risks in our lifetime. And the science is on our side here. There are numerous studies in the medical literature linking hormones and lifestyle to cancers. A recent study…

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Balancing Hormones Can Help Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

In the recent ZRT-hosted webinar, we answered the question: what's the hormone weight gain connection? We discussed the key hormones involved in weight management - estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, cortisol, thyroid, insulin, and vitamin D. And we outlined their respective roles in regulating blood sugar, insulin, fat storage, and metabolism. We received a variety of questions from the…

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Now You Know the Hidden Truth about Hormones And Weight Gain

Do you regularly see 40-something female patients who cannot budge the belly fat no matter how hard they try? Or 50-something mid-lifers who say they never had a weight problem until they hit menopause or andropause? If you haven’t considered testing their hormones yet, this should pique your interest. There’s a hormone connection to “unexplained weight gain” (ICD-9 783.1), and it could be the…

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Physicians Get New Perspective on Patient Obesity

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