I’m excited to do this practical piece on iodine therapy because I field a lot of questions on the matter of assessing iodine status, implementing the right iodine supplement, and monitoring that therapy. Iodine performs some crucial roles in the body, but it never acts alone. Therefore, to assess iodine deficiency, it’s imperative to test iodine and its partners - selenium, iron, magnesium, zinc,…

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Guide: How to Assess Iodine Deficiency

Your thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland located in the lower front part of your neck. Its job is to secrete hormones that control growth/development during childhood, regulate your metabolism and body temperature, and drive the production of many neurotransmitters in your brain. Specifically, the ones that help you feel good and enough have motivation to accomplish your goals: serotonin,…

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Thyroid Balance – Your Key To Brain & Body Harmony

2017 has arrived, and with it comes new opportunity to understand the role of hormone balance in our overall health. Before getting started, we wanted to take a brief moment to reflect on the top stories of 2016 that captured your attention on the ZRT Blog. Following is a round-up of 2016's most popular posts for patients. For millions of women the world…

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Looking Back: Patient Blog Posts of 2016

Hypothyroidism is defined as “lack of thyroid hormone production from the thyroid gland.” However, many patients who produce sufficient hormone from the gland still suffer from low thyroid symptoms. When thyroid levels are not within normal ranges, many conventional treatment protocols rush into thyroid replacement therapy. Two problems exist with this approach: If the patient has normal levels of…

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Determining the Functional Causes of Hypothyroid Symptoms

A balance of nutrients is required by our bodies to maintain good health, and selenium (Se) is an important one that often gets overlooked. This essential element is a required component of the selenoproteins, which include those that are needed to convert thyroid hormone from the inactive to the active form, and several important anti-oxidants. While optimal selenium levels are imperative for…

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Understanding Selenium Supplementation

As more health care practitioners have understood the need to assess thyroid function based on what is going on at the cellular level, there has been an increasing demand for testing of reverse T3 (rT3), a hormone sometimes referred to as the “hibernation hormone.” However, there is also much confusion about how it fits into the picture of thyroid function, and controversy regarding whether…

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Clearing up the Confusion about Reverse T3: Part 2. The Role of Reverse T3 in Thyroid Assessment

Thyroid hormones are essential for the normal metabolic functioning of all tissues in the body, and a wide array of symptoms are therefore associated with abnormalities in thyroid hormone production and activation. Even when apparently adequate amounts of thyroxine are produced by the thyroid gland, thyroid function is profoundly affected by anything that disrupts conversion of thyroxine…

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Clearing up Confusion about Reverse T3: Part 1. The Deiodinases & Thyroid Hormone Bioavailability

September was Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month. It's October now, but the increasing incidence of thyroid cancer makes it a timely topic for any time of the year. In fact, something that every healthcare provider should know is that there's an expectation that 2014 will see a record number of papillary thyroid cancers being diagnosed, and the corresponding awareness campaign promotes a "neck check"…

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Controversy Surrounds an Upsurge in Thyroid Cancer Detection

January 2009: I woke up one morning, and randomly rubbed the left side of my neck. I felt two very large bumps, which I assumed were swollen lymph nodes. “I’m just fighting something,” I told myself, and promptly forgot about them. Whether it was denial or just my natural forgetfulness (ok, it was probably denial…), I didn’t do anything about the lumps for about 9 months. September 2009: I…

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A Journey Through Thyroid Cancer

Many people assume that thyroid hormone deficiency or thyroid imbalance are to blame for weight loss failure, but there are some key factors to consider that might be affecting thyroid hormone function rather than focusing entirely on thyroid hormone levels: For a woman who has recently gone on the Birth Control Pill or HRT (or had her dose increased) it may be interfering with thyroid hormone…

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Q&A for Weight Loss Winners & Dieting Downfalls

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