The human microbiome maintains a close relationship with the endocrine system, indicating that these systems engage in meaningful communication and have a deep influence on each other. This is especially true in the case of estrogen and the gut microbiome. The estrobolome is the portion of the microbiome that influences estrogen metabolism. First defined in 2011, the estrobolome is the collection of all enteric bacteria capable of metabolizing estrogen. The estrobolome can impact endogenous estrogen metabolism by modulating the enterohepatic circulation of estrogens thus influencing plasma estrogen levels.…

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The Estrobolome: The Bidirectional Relationship Between Gut Microbes and Hormones

Women who are in perimenopause, menopause or post menopause sometimes feel like they’re living in a different body. Many have a hard time losing or controlling their weight—whether it’s due to shifting and declining hormones, and a slowing down of metabolism combined with stress. We talked to integrative physician, Jade Teta, about the role of hormones and weight, why some women are having difficulty losing or controlling their weight, and what they can do about it.…

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Q&A with Dr. Jade Teta: Women, Hormones and Weight Loss

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