I was in teenage hell. Overnight, I went from being completely oblivious to what I looked like, to being obsessed with my appearance. And let me tell you, I did not like what I saw in the mirror. Too tall and too skinny, with an awkward toothy grin, uncoordinated and gangly, and I didn’t seem to know where my limbs were supposed to be around me. I wanted pretty hair and a semblance of curves, like…

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Are Hormones to Blame for My Acne?

Quick Takeaway: Studies suggest high blood levels of 25-OH vitamin D may prevent melanoma and appropriate D levels may affect the prognosis in both primary and metastatic melanomas. Keep your levels in blood between 50-80 ng/dL. Additionally, melatonin and its metabolites protect the skin from sun and help guard the DNA there when faced with the mixture of cancer-inducing ultraviolet…

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How to Supplement with Vitamin D & Melatonin after Melanoma

One of the most common signs associated with advancing age is wrinkling, thinning, and sagging of the skin. Several different internal and external processes can contribute to these signs. However, one of the main culprits responsible for the seemingly unavoidable loss of skin vitality that occur with age is the loss of collagen. CollagenCollagen is the main structural protein found in all…

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Collagen - A Primary Cause of Wrinkles & Aging Skin

It certainly isn't news that hormones are involved in skin health. But it may be news that effects of declining estrogen levels are more obvious on the skin of the face than elsewhere on the body. How so? Read on. Lower Hormone Levels = Lower Skin Vitality. Women and their doctors have known for a long time that the decline in hormone levels as we age has a negative impact on skin properties, and we…

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Have Persistent Skin Problems? Think Hormones

Diet, stress, sleep loss and sun damage are several obvious factors that influence how skin looks and feels over time. Far less obvious - and often overlooked - is the hormonal connection that is so vital to youthful skin. Popular cosmetic cover-ups and expensive anti-aging creams that work on the surface don't get to the root of persistent skin issues and may even contribute to the problem. Our…

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Skin Vitality Tests Uncover the Roots of Persistent Skin Issues

Hormones are intrinsically involved with processes affecting the maintenance of skin health, such as collagen content, skin lipid levels, elasticity, wound healing, glycoaminoglycan content, and facial hair patterns. A major culprit for the skin thinning, wrinkling, and dryness associated with aging is the decline in hormones such as estrogen and progesterone in women, and testosterone in…

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Hormones And Skin Wellness

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