Is Your 3-Legged Hormone Stool Out of Balance?

Of the dozen organs in the endocrine system, there are three that rule when it comes to maintaining hormonal and metabolic health. The BIG 3 are the thyroid, the adrenals and the sex glands (ovaries and testes). Much like the symphony of sound an orchestra creates when every instrument is played in tune, so too must these glands work in harmony to keep body systems in balance and humming along.

Another way to think about this is to picture your thyroid, adrenals and sex glands as a three-legged stool upon which rests the stability of your entire metabolic system. If one leg becomes too high or another too low, the stool slants – making it tough to maintain balance and to function effectively.

Now the stress we used to be able to take in stride seems insurmountable. Our emotions start to wobble. Mentally, we feel slow and fuzzy-headed much of the time. Our energy level is nil, sleep becomes erratic, and the pounds are beginning to pile on.

1 in 10 Americans Affected

According to researchers, one in ten Americans – an estimated 33 million people – are suffering from thyroid, adrenal or reproductive hormone-related problems. If you are one of the estimated half of those who remain undiagnosed or poorly treated, you may well have forgotten how good you used to feel.

Compounded by environmental pollution and the abundant stress of daily life, it’s not easy to maintain synergy between these crucial energy-regulating glands. If left untreated, imbalances can lead to severe menopause or andropause symptoms, memory loss, depression, obesity, diabetes, heart disease or infertility.

Finally, Some Answers

If you worry that you or a loved one are among the 33 million affected, then listen to Dr. Richard Shames as he explains how natural strategies can help you right the balance of your three-legged stool. You will also learn:

  • How to identify your "endo type," the specific gland causing most of your symptoms
  • The most common endocrine disruptors and means of avoiding them
  • How to rebalance and restore metabolic synergy with nutrition, lifestyle and natural hormones
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