If you haven't thought about the risks of chemicals in herbicides and pesticides to the health of your family and pets, there's no time like the present. Roadside, clear cut and yard spraying is polluting our environment, with the chemicals becoming air-borne and also getting into ground water. People and pets walking outside are absorbing these chemicals through their skin and bringing it inside…

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Pesticides, Herbicides, Chemicals, Oh My!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, with a flurry of activity directed towards “Race for the Cure,” pink ribbons on posters and products, and people on street corners with butterfly nets to accept donations to defeat breast cancer. Yet with all this activity over the past 30 years we are no closer to any cure, and breast cancer rates have escalated. According to the National Cancer Institute,…

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Breast Cancer: Prevention is the Cure

When asked what the number one risk factor for breast cancer is, founder and chief scientist of ZRT Laboratory Dr. David Zava has been known to say, “wearing a bra.” He's right. Why? Because having breasts, or just being a woman, is indeed the biggest risk factor, since the disease is 100 times more common in women than in men. is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but given the controversies that…

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The recent news about a study regarding women who get mastectomies to prevent breast cancer is stunning.  This study finds most women who get double mastectomies don’t need it. They react out of fear. And this has many doctors puzzled. Can we prevent breast cancer occurrence through primary care means? The short answer is yes, we can. We can identify breast cancer risks.…

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Breast Cancer: Fear & Preventative Double Mastectomies An Unnecessary Mix

A recent study [1] found that women with BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutations benefit from a significantly reduced risk of ovarian, fallopian tube, or peritoneal cancers by having their ovaries removed before the age of 35. For women with such a genetic predisposition to cancer, the decision to remove their ovaries and/or breasts can prevent cancer in the future; however, I thought it would be worth…

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Surgical Menopause - A Doctor's Perspective

Practical Takeaway: The liver's ability to properly metabolize estrogens has been found to affect the risk of breast cancer. Depending on which of the metabolic pathways predominate, too much of certain harmful estrogen metabolites (e.g., 4-hydroxy estrogens) can build up - and these have been found to correlate with breast and other hormone-dependent cancers.…

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Why Should We Care About Estrogen Metabolites?

During National Breast Cancer Awareness month, we should all take a pause to consider our health. As it turns out, losing weight and balancing hormones may be two of the most important actions we can take to reduce breast cancer risks in our lifetime. And the science is on our side here. There are numerous studies in the medical literature linking hormones and lifestyle to cancers. A recent study…

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Balancing Hormones Can Help Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Editor’s Note: After the publication of Dr. David Zava’s last Health Watchers News and Views post, Hormone and Breast Cancer: the Latest Findings from the WHI, he received an attacking comment from a doctor who has been making claims for years that natural progesterone has the same effects as the synthetic progestins. Although, as an editor, I do not publish comments that attack, Dr. Zava wrote an…

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Natural Progesterone as a Preventive for Breast Cancer

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