5 Tips for A Healthy & Stress Free Thanksgiving

At ZRT, we love Thanksgiving and all the tradition it brings. But we know holiday stress can be crippling, and we want to provide a little stress relief guidance. There are plenty of tricks to make Thanksgiving healthy, fun, and enjoyable with minimal stress!

1. Re-evaluate the “rules”

Magazine spreads and commercials featuring the perfect holiday feast bring out the perfectionist in all of us. It can be difficult to remember that simply is not reality. We’re guessing that your Thanksgiving dinner won’t be made by professional chefs and you don’t hire stylists to choose your home decorations, so create your own holiday haven by indulging in what you’re good at and enjoy, and let the rest go. If baking fresh bread for guests means more to you than a sparkling living room, so be it!

2. Accept help

Make a list ahead of time of all the things you need to accomplish for Thanksgiving dinner. Then brainstorm who can help you and reach out to them. Guests tend to feel more at home if they contribute to a meal or can help with the preparation. This alleviates some of your stress, and makes others feel good!

3. Eat a healthy snack

To avoid over-eating during big holiday meals, snack on fruits and veggies before arriving and don't skip breakfast - a little protein at breakfast, such as eggs or yogurt, helps keep you satisfied longer and avoid overeating later. Also, make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after Thanksgiving dinner.

4. Take a time out

As much fun as spending time with your whole family is, it is valuable to take five or ten minutes alone this holiday season. Regroup by embracing an activity that brings you inner peace. Take a walk or catch up on that book that you started last month.

5. Remember to exercise

Physical activity helps our minds and bodies stay sharp – instead of sitting on the couch after a large meal, ask a few family members to take a stroll around the neighborhood with you, or wake up a little early and fit in a short workout before the planning, chopping, and cooking begins.
From everyone at ZRT Laboratory, we wish you a very happy, healthy, and stress-free Thanksgiving!

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