Low testosterone in older men, often referred to as “male menopause” or even “andropause” is fairly well known — and testosterone replacement therapy in this age group has not been without its share of controversy [...] But what about the alarming suggestion that low testosterone is now becoming more prevalent in younger men? An article published last year has brought some attention to a link between poor health and low testosterone levels in younger men.…

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Testosterone Deficiency in Younger Men – Is It Real?

Many times when I am talking to a practitioner about a patient with PCOS and/or weight issues, I commonly get the response – "His/her blood sugar is normal." However, when we are looking at the health of PCOS and weight-challenged patients, their insulin response is of primary importance, and not just their blood sugar. When we are fasting, both blood sugar and insulin levels should be at a steady…

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Hyperinsulinemia vs Hyperglycemia - the Story of PCOS & Obesity

Practical Takeaway: Imbalances in estrogen, testosterone, progesterone and cortisol, brought on by such factors as aging, diet and the stresses of modern life, have contributed to the obesity epidemic. Our bodies have also not adapted hormonally to the challenges of regulating fat stores when presented with excessive levels of highly refined foods found in the Western diet. Are Hormones Making Us…

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How Hormones Lead to Obesity

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